We are driven by the desire of increasing the value of meetings. Period!

Nope. It is not just for the fun of it, but because physical meetings keep being a fantastic way of becoming smarter together. 

Cheche is here for a reason

Way too many meetings quite simply are of poor quality and unproductive. In other words, the time spent is wasted. Nearly half of all executive employees complain that meetings are the #1 time-waster of all. Time wasted is bad business.

Way too many presentations or speaks in conferences lead to a ‘null change’ result; speakers are more concerned with ‘the things I know’ than of ‘what you need to hear’. That too is a shame and a waste of time. Other people’s time!

Cheche is here to change that. And to make your meetings work. Since the startup in 2011, we have had lots to do.

Need help?


We work with more than 50 trusted, professional resources within our reach. Who to use in the specific task? The right ones.

Over the years we have helped more than 600 individuals to give sharper and shorter speaches at conferences, meetings, or in other professional settings.

We assist in reducing the time wasted in unproductive meetings. Time wasted is bad business. If you are lucky.

We train everybody in the how to share a message – professional or personal – in only five minutes. That time-frame is enough to build up trust, share keypoints, and nourish a curiosity in the audience to hear more.

Hvem er Cheche?


Hans believes in the spark and enthusiasm that is inherent in all of us. Plurality is a gift. The meeting is the path. When all other is cut away, curiosity and respect stand! #engineeroftrust
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At Cheche we are network-oriented. Around a small (hard) core we build for every occasion the right team of consultants and collaborators who we know well and have confidence in.


Serendipity: The art of finding what you didn’t know you were looking for …

We never stop looking for new perspectives to the world around us. Curiosity, honesty, and openness is a way of life. Lookforit! Long live diversity in all its glory.


Enthusiasm – or passion – is one of the strongest driving forces there is. Ignite Denmark is an open community for all who want to share their passion with others, using the Ignite format. Inspire the audience, but make it short. Everyone is invited. We all have a story to tell. Cheche hosts  Ignite Denmark. Find Ignite Denmark.