Conferences should activate, provoke, and bring about change

We start where you are. We give you tools to plan and carry through the good conference that means new knowledge and inspiration as the basis of better decisions.

We make for the aim and your desired outcome

At Cheche we like to follow the following process that offers an overview, and makes adjustments and progress easily operationable, from idea to evaluation.

  1. You (the organizer or owner) state your desired outcome.

  2. We design a programme, the settings, and more, taking into account the incentives of your  participants or delegates (they often come of other reasons that you may think).

  3. We include and brief all content providers – speakers, moderators, facilitatores, and others – in order to require of them to deliver precisely what you need, to the given audience.

  4. Along the run we engage and involve participants, in-sessions as well as in between. Breaks are breaks – but perfect for mingling and knowledge dissimination.

  5. Evaluation and follow-up (with measurements, action points and more) take place.

Did we get your attention?

Taking measure

We would be happy to measure the satisfaction and the profit experienced by you as organizers, as well as by the participants and the speakers. We suggest a combination of survey and interviews, possibly with a video as an obvious means for you to keep and use in future.


If you have any questions, it would be too bad not to ask. Ring +45 20 12 32 50, write, or send the goon squad.
… Well, we didn’t really mean that, come and see us instead.