Design and setup

Whatever you do, don’t waste the delegates’ time! In order to maximize the time spent, we put various, innovative, intensive, pace-changing formats and elements into play. Thus we aim for the very best experienced outcome, encompassing more requirements of the content providers, speakers, faciliators, moderators, and others. All (!) speaks gain from being kept short and sharp – focusing on what the audience needs to know – making the delegates share and pass it onwards.

Optimization is key

We work with interaction design on both the physical and emotional level, and we make sure delegates are given honest, active choices along the run: Everybody needs to change, but no one should be forced too much.

We make use of the meeting technology that is fit for the purpose, and which supports the desired outcome the best. To be honest, it all comes down to ambience, respectful presence, and the buy-in from the delegates. Hospitality is key.

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