Meetings must always be worth the time you put into them

Among decision makers around the world ‘time wasted in meetings’ again and again comes in top of reasons for low productivity and joy-killers at work.

We make your meetings work. We add the spark to any meeting, in order to stimulate results and forge relationships. We provide up to the minute tooles and training in engaging your team and organisation in having ‘better’ meetings. In order to maximize the value of the time spent, we focus on building presenations with impact, designing engaging knowledge-sharing sessions, and putting inspiring, new formats into play. 

The pathway to better meetings

Taking as the starting point your challenges we focus on what is within reach and work from a down-to-earth concept. We train the use of tools for planning and carrying through the good, productive meeting.

The way to better meetings can profitably be divided into steps or phases, this means milestones or beacons for which to steer during the process.

We work together through the phases until we reach secure handling of knowledge and tools. Subsequently we take care of a summary of what was reached and an evaluation of the effect.



We measure and document the waste of time you experience at meetings. We do so in with a combination of observations, questionnaires and interviews.


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